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NFPA Symbols

The most commonly recognized NFPA symbol is the NFPA diamond. It is used to quickly show the hazard level of a material in three categories: health, flammability and stability. Plus it provides for displaying special hazard information. Use this link to learn more about the NFPA diamond.

NFPA is primarily concerned with safety related to fire fighting. They have published standards that specify NFPA symbols in the following areas:

Public Firesafety Symbols.
Fire Protection Symbols for Architectural and Engineering Drawings.
Fire Protection Symbols for Risk Analysis Diagrams.
Symbols for Fire Fighting Operations.

These NFPA symbols will be found in the NFPA 170 code. In many cases this code specifies the NFPA symbols that should be used on wayfinding and exitway signs. For example, Table 4.2 in NFPA 170 shows "Symbols For General Use." These include the symbols for emergency exits, emergency exit routes, accessible emergency exits, no smoking and fire symbols.

DuraLabel printers can make labels and signs using any of the NFPA 170 symbols, as well as printing NFPA diamond labels. The symbols library, provided with every desktop DuraLabel printer, includes a large number of ready to use symbols. In addition, you may include NFPA symbols, that were obtained from any other source, on any DuraLabel sign or label.

When an NFPA symbol has been specified by NFPA 170, that symbol should be used on all appropriate labels and signs. This provides consistency that makes it simpler for emergency responders to find their way around your facility. It also makes it easier for employees and contractors to quickly understand the meaning of signs and respond appropriately during an emergency. With all signs and labels conforming to the NFPA 170 standard for symbols, the message being communicated is clear even to new employees.

Large sign printers, such as the DuraLabel 9000, can make all of the wayfinding and exitway signs you need. Smaller printers, such as the DuraLabel PRO are also excellent for making wayfinding and exitway signs. To find out which printer would best meet you needs, call 1-888-326-9244. Ask about getting a special DuraLabel kit that includes the printer and all of the supplies you'll need. You'll be glad you did.

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